Prague, Czech Republic, 10th-12th November 2000

Zagreb, Croatia, 17th November 2000

This is the fifth year that the Croatian Informatics Clubs Association (CICA) has organized the participation of the most successful Zagreb University students at the Central European Regional Contest (CERC), which is a part of the world ACM student contest. The CERC 2000 took place at the Technical University of Prague in Czech Republic, from 10th to 12th November 2000. 49 Central European university teams participated in this contest

Members of the Zagreb University team this year were:

1. Bojan Antolović, final year student of FER (The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), Zagreb
2. Ante Đerek, final year student of PMF (The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics) Zagreb
3. Milan Mesić, 3rd year student of FER.

Team leaders were: Igor Urbiha, Ph.D., professor at PMF, Department of Mathematics, Zagreb, and Krešimir Malnar, final year student of PMF, Department of Mathematics, Zagreb.

The contest included team work of 3 students solving 9 problem tasks based on the algorithm, using programming languages PASCAL and C, working with only one PC during 5 hours. This year results are the best so far for our team; 3rd place in number of problems solved (5 solved out of 9 given problems), and 4th place in total time in which problems were solved (in the competition of 49 Central European student teams). Their success is even greater knowing that they had only a week to prepare since the confirmation of The Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology support of this project arrived in the last minute.

Problems, test data, solutions, list of all teams and their final standings are on the official web site of CERC, and everything about ACM contests on the offical web site of ACM ICPC.

ACM has been organizing this world known student contest for the last 25 years. This year there were 30 regional competitions, including approximately 2000 student teams, and the best 60 teams will participate in the great world final in Vancouver, Canada, from 7th to 11th March 2001.

The participation of the Croatian team this year has been organized by The Croatian Informatics Clubs Association based on the project "Extracurriculum Work with Informatics Students in Croatia", that was approved by The Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology, and presented at Zagreb Fair INFO, on 11th November 2000.

The leader of this project is Igor Urbiha, professor at PMF, Department of Mathematics, in Zagreb. He is a long time associate of CICA, who has worked on informatic programmes for high school students. All of our students appeareances at CERC were supported by The Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology.

On behalf of CICA
The Secretary,
Ivo Šeparović, B.Sc.