Internet online contest


The Croatian Informatics Clubs Association is organizing the Croatian Regional Competition in Informatics 2006, this year's 3rd online contest which is part of the Croatian Open Competitions in Informatics project.
We are hosting an Internet online contest which is open to all interested and we are happy to invite you and all your friends/colleagues/students to participate!

The contest is going to start on Saturday, March 18, at 10:00AM (GMT/UTC) and last until 3:00PM (GMT/UTC). There will be four problems, which will be algorithmic in nature and reasonably hard to solve. You may use Pascal, C or C++ as your programming language of choice.

Instructions, problems and the evaluation system will be located at

This web page will be available for registration 72 hours before the contest.
You are required to register using the "Registration" page. To see the instructions, problems and to submit solutions you need to log in using the "Login" page. The rules will be the same as at the IOI. Don't cheat!

You can find problems, test data and solutions from previous Croatian competitions in informatics
here (at the bottom of the page). Feel free to e-mail us at for any and all additional information.


Test data


Chairman of the Technical Committee
Davor Bonaci
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Chairman of the Evaluation Committee
Lovro Puzar
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Project Manager
Kresimir Malnar
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Department of Mathematics

Croatian Informatics Clubs Association
Predrag Brodjanac
Ivo Separovic - General Secretary